• Exploring the mission mandate from the biblical perspective
  • Rejuvenating the call towards mission
  • Awakening the burden for the souls


Course Objective:

  • To learn missional insights applicable to the contemporary context
  • To recognize the call and commitment in carrying the Gospel


Course Outcome:

  • Will be transformed as a faithful and skilled evangelist
  • Will partner with God in salvific act of Christ



  • Ministerial training in Jesus Calls  Ministries
  • Expertizing in social media ministry
  • Missionary model from Apostle Paul


Eligibility: Anyone with the zeal to do Evangelism

Stream: Residential, Online

Duration: One year


  1. First missionary journey of Apostle Paul
  2. Second missionary journey of Apostle Paul
  3. Third missionary journey of Apostle Paul
  4. Biographies of Disciples and Missionaries
  5. Doing mission in various context
  6. Challenges in mission
  7. Media, Mission and Evangelism
  8. Stewardship and Integrity
  9. Mission and Evangelism in the Bible
  10. Mass media and Communication
  11. Ministerial Formation
  12. Mission to various communities



Fees: 1st Semester – Rs. 9000/- ,  2nd Semester – Rs. 6000/-