• Study rooms
  • Indoor games
  • Outdoor sports activities
  • Rooms 4 sharing
  • Wifi
  • Prayer hall
  • Single Occupancy, Double Occupancy and Four Occupancy

Hostel Prayers

  • Dawn prayer beginning of a month 30 minutes
  • Evening devotion 30 minutes

Hostel Menu

  • Veg, Non- veg, Hot kitchen.

Morning duties

  • Students should have an individual Quite Time for 30-45 mins, every morning.
  • Students can be assigned on various duties every day morning 30 minutes.

Weekend outreach programs

  • Students can be divided two by two for ministry and assigned to different places for outreach e.g. Bethesda, small villages surrounding Coimbatore.
  • They can also be involved in Jesus Calls Ministry like telephone ministry, and Prayer tower ministry.
  • Students can involve in Seesha by visiting old age homes and rehabilitation centres.

Exposure Trips & Excursions

  • Students can be taken to on an exposure trip to historical churches once a year.
  • The entire student body and the faculty can go on an excursion once a year.
  • Students are encouraged to involve in any sports activities.

Hostel Discipline

  • The student body will be governed by a Warden and faculty.
  • One final year student can be selected as the student head every month.
  • The Student head will work under the warden in maintain the discipline and also ensuring students do all their assigned morning duties.

Physical Activities

  • Students are encouraged to involve in any sports activities.
  • Students should compulsorily be involved in any one sport activity every evening for a duration of 45 mins to 1 hour.
  • Sports Day also can also be organized and conducted by the students once in a year.

Special Events

  • Mega Play
  • Spots Day
  • Karunya Evangeline Memorial Tournament