P. G. Diploma in Clinical Biblical Counselling (Dip. in CBC)

Course Objective

  • To impart knowledge and understanding of the clinical mental health counseling profession as well as the basics of legal and ethical practice.
  • To show understanding of specific roles, settings, and practices related to clinical mental health counseling, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment modalities, documentation, collaboration with other professionals, and advocacy.

Course Outcome

Students will
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the major theories of counseling and psychotherapy.
  • Develop a thorough knowledge of ethical and professional behavior within the psychology profession.


  • Category I
    • Any graduate degree from a recognized University
  • Category II
    • 30 years and above having minimum of 3 years of experience in ministry

Admission Test

For category I & II Basic knowledge of Bible, Ministry experience, General knowledge Current affairs and English to be tested through online test

Reference Letter

Two reference letters are required from persons of high standing in society or in ministry for those who apply for residential program.

Semester 1

# Subjects
1 Basics of Clinical Counselling
2 Biblical Basis for Clinical Counselling
3 Personality Theories
4 Types of Family Counselling
5 Crisis Counselling and Prayer
6 Counselling the addicts

Semester 2

# Subjects
1 Psychopathology and Psychosocial analysis
2 Basics in Medical Terminology, Medial History
3 Gift of Healing
4 Counselling the sick
5 Practical Training on Counselling
Description Online Distance
Academic Fees 15000 11000
Fees to be Paid by Candidates Per annum 15000 11000
Fees to be paid at the time admission I semester 9000 6600
Fees to be paid before December – II Semester 6000 4400