Diploma in Women Leadership (Dip. in WL) is a one year diploma

Course Objective

  • To impart the knowledge of the need and programmes of women empowerment and development.
  • To know the role of women in church and the society and develop insight in to the process of protection of women health and environment.

Course Outcome

Students will
  • Develop the skills of inclusive leadership, valuing and involving all members of the family with their unique contributions and empowerment.
  • Support other women through a spirit of communal uplift and work more effectively with diverse groups.


  • 10th or +2 or Any Degree with or without ministry experience
  • Offered only to women applicants

Reference Letter

Two reference letters are required from persons of high standing in society or in ministry for those who apply for residential program.

Semester 1

# Subjects
1 Women in the Old Testament
2 Women in the New Testament
3 Women in Creation - The Image of God
4 Women in the ministry of Jesus Christ
5 Challenges in the lives of Women – work, business, government
6 Women and Prayer

Semester 2

# Subjects
1 Biblical Women role models – By Sr. Evangeline Paul
2 Indian Women Leaders
3 Jesus Calls Ministry for Women EPG, TPG, CEPG, JCM
4 Women in Families
5 Challenges for Women in Ministry
6 Webinars from Dr. Stella Dhinakaran and Sr. Evangeline Dhinakaran
Description Online Distance
Academic Fees 8000 7500
Fees to be paid at the time admission I semester 4800 4300
Fees to be paid before December – II Semester 3200 3200