Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is a two/three years Master degree program.

Course Objective:

  • To demonstrate an understanding of the life and thought of the Christian community in its historical expressions.
  • To imbibe the ability to reflect on their own experiences in light of theological perspectives and serve the humanity.
  • To establish familiarity with and appreciation for the church’s and the disciplines of prayer and devotion
  • To exhibit a capacity to evaluate specific instances of spiritual practice from a biblical standpoint.

Course Outcome:

Students will
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible
  • Reflect the love of Christ and take leadership responsibilities for social transformation and integrity of creation.
  • Emerge as a spirit led person leading the society towards the fruit bearing community.
  • Influence the church or community or Christian Living through the prophetical anointing.


  • Category I
    • Any degree from a recognized University having completed through normal stream 10+2+Degree
  • Category II
    • 25 years and above having minimum of 3 years of experience in ministry
  • Category III
    • B. Th. Degree from any college approved by Senate of Serampore College (SSC)or Asian Theological Association (ATA)

Admission Test

Category I & II

Basic knowledge of Bible, General knowledge Current affairs and English to be tested through online test

Category III

Separate test for theological degree background applicants testing their basic knowledge in Theological subjects

Reference Letter

Two reference letters are required from persons of high standing in society or in ministry for those who apply for residential program.

Semester 1

# Subjects
1 Introduction to Old Testament (OT)
2 Foundations to Theology
3 Biblical Languages Greek Part 1
4 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counselling
5 English – Preliminary
6 Knowing Jesus
7 Challenges in Mission

Semester 2

# Subjects
1 Introduction to New Testament
2 Introduction to Mission and Evangelism
3 Introduction to the Dhinakarans family and Ministry
4 Communication and Mass Media
5 Biblical Language Greek Part 2
6 Study Methods
7 Scripture Knowledge Exam

Semester 3

# Subjects
1 Revelation to Prophets and its relevance to our context
2 Gospels: Synoptic and Johannine
3 Biblical Languages Hebrew Part 1
4 Critical evaluation of History of Christianity in India I – Missionary Movements
5 Heavenly Visitation of Dr. DGS Dhinakaran
6 Personality Development and Ministry

Semester 4

# Subjects
1 Family Counselling
2 Biblical Hermeneutics for various communities’ women, child, poor, non-Christians
3 Cross and Glory in the Ministry of Jesus Calls, KU and Seesha
4 Critical evaluation of History of Christianity in India II – Ecumenical movements
5 The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and its significance in the Ministry of the Dhinakarans
6 Interdisciplinary Paper Presentation I
7 Biblical Languages Hebrew Part 2
8 Scripture Knowledge Exam II

Semester 5

# Subjects
1 Pauline Epistles and General Epistles
2 The Prophetic and Apostolic ministry in this new era
3 Social Media and Ministry
4 Crisis Counselling and Prayer
5 Worship and Liturgy
6 Event Management
7 Accounting and Truthfulness in Ministry and basics in legal system

Semester 6

# Subjects
1 Jesus’ Model Leadership skills in Ministry
2 Mission in the context of religious pluralism(Non-Christians)
3 Pedagogy
4 Prophecies for the Nations and its fulfilments
5 Thesis – Optional 4 credit hours
6 Scripture Knowledge
Fees Particulars Online Distance Residential
Description M. Div. M. Div. M. Div. M. Div. M. Div. M. Div. M. Div. M. Div. M. Div.
I year II year III year I year II year III year I year II year III year
Academic Fees 48000 45000 51000 31000 29000 33000 58000 55000 59000
Food & Accommodation 0 0 0 0 0 0 45000 45000 45000
Student Scholarship 25000 15000 20000 12000 10000 10000 25000 15000 20000
Fees to be Paid by Students Per annum 23000 30000 31000 19000 19000 23000 78000 85000 84000
Fees to be paid at the time admission I semester 13800 18000 18600 11400 11400 13800 46800 51000 50400
Fees to be paid before December – II Semester 9200 12000 12400 7600 7600 9200 31200 34000 33600
Note: Deduct the scholarship amount from the academic fees