• An exhaustive biblical basis training for potential entrepreneurs and desire to emerge as entrepreneur
  • An in-depth teaching of core business concepts based on biblical business principles
  • Ideal for individuals with business ideas to start up and for entrepreneurs to reach greater heights in business.

Course Objective

  • To develop the business based on biblical insight
  • To adopt the ethics and contextual strategies enhancing the productivity


  • Collaboration with MBA-KITS, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)
  • Industry Institute Interaction
  • Project Based Hands-on training

Course Outcome

Students will
  • Will emerge as entrepreneurs with spiritual values
  • Will develop emotional stability rooted in faith


  • Any degree from a recognized university


  • Online

Credit hours

  • 36

Curriculum Semester 1

# Subjects
1 Basic course in entrepreneurship
2 Life skills
3 Emotional intelligence
4 Basic course in entrepreneurship
5 Business stewardship
6 Biblical economics

Curriculum Semester 2

# Subjects
1 Advanced course in entrepreneurship
2 Biblical business principles of management
3 Administration and legal matters
4 Advanced course in entrepreneurship
5 Accounting for entrepreneurs
6 Taxation and entrepreneurship.

Fee structure

1st semester – Rs.15, 600,    2nd semester – Rs.10, 400